Online betting is a very popular form of sports betting. This form of sports betting continues to attract more and more players coming from the far sides of the world. There are many different benefits to using the services of online sports betting platforms – as compared to the services of the regular sports betting platforms. But if there is one benefit that we could single out – then it would have to be the fact that online sports bettors are frequently the beneficiaries of hefty bonuses. And to that end, we have decided to talk some more about the Genting bet new customer offer.

What you get at Genting

There is a welcome bonus offer at Genting bet. New players can use it in order to cut up their risk when betting on the platform. If this sounds like something that you would do – then be sure to use this bonus. It’s the 10 GBP risk-free bet that you can get at Genting.

Now, of course, this bonus is not completely free. You will have to show something in return for it. After all, Genting won’t give you free money as they are in the business to make money, too. And what exactly you will need to do in order to claim the bonus?

That’s easy – you will need to make a deposit first and wager 10 GBP if you are to use the bonus. But there is another thing that you need to do. You need to also lose your first bet – and Genting will reimburse you with the aforementioned 10 GBP. It’s not a lot – but it’s definitely something that you could use to ease your entry on the platform.

Terms and conditions

So, what are the terms and conditions that you must meet if you are to bet at Genting? You will first need to make a deposit and place a wager of 10 GBP, as we have mentioned before. But aside from that – you can’t really expect that you can place a wager on the lowest odds possible and still get the bonus. You can only use the 10 GBP welcome bonus if you bet on odds of at least 2.0. As is nearly always the case – Genting reserves the right to cancel the bonus at any point and for any reason whatsoever. Sadly, this is how online sports betting platforms work nowadays. But still, you’re getting some free money – and this is not something that you should want to bargain for.

In conclusion

So, there you have it, you now know how to use the welcome bonus for the new customers at Genting bet. As we have mentioned before – the 10 GBP that you will get is not a lot of money. However, you can be sure that you will benefit from this small generosity of Genting. Regular sports bookies usually never offer any bonuses for the players, so it’s always a welcome thing to get some free money. Be sure to check out some of the other Genting bet promotional offers, too.