Online sports betting has taken the world by storm. There are millions of people that have begun regularly using the services of online bookies. And with good reason – online bookies offer all the convenience in the world when it comes to betting from home, or on the go. There are many important aspects of the online sports betting experience. And one of them – that people often forget about – is the aspect of payment methods. Below you will get to learn more about one of the most popular sports betting platforms’ payment methods. These are the Genting bet payment methods.

The list of available methods

Some of the most popular payment methods are supported at Genting bet. This means that you can use whichever of these methods you please. And they will all get the job done for you. To that end, you could use various credit and debit cards for purposes of deposits and withdrawals.

Some of the credit and debit cards that are supported are Maestro, Visa Delta, Visa Debit, and Visa Electron cards. As you can see, these are some of the most popular payment methods that people from all over the world use. No matter who you are, chances are that you have access to one of these payment methods and this means that you can use it for playing at Genting.

Sadly, there are no electronic wallets that you could use at Genting. This is somewhat of a drawback, knowing that many people prefer to use various electronic wallets like Neteller or Skrill, for example. We hope that Genting will soon invest into installing these payment methods that the players could then use for making payments to and from the platform.


You don’t need to be afraid about losing your money if you bet at Genting. And there are a few important reasons for this. The most important one of them is the fact that there is high-level encryption technology installed on the platform. This will keep not only your financial data and money safe – but also your personal data as well. The 128bit SSL encryption technology is considered to be the gold standard of web security when it comes to online bookies and casinos. This means that you can feel completely safe in knowing that your money is well protected on the Genting betting platform.

Fees and deposit and withdrawal times

There are no fees that you will need to pay for making deposits, nor for making any withdrawals at Genting bet. Many people look forward to doing this as there are many casinos that do the exact opposite and take players’ money for using the payment methods. The deposit time for all the deposit methods is instant – this is another great bonus. Withdrawal times vary. For debit cards, you will need to wait a few days if you reside in the UK – and a few more days if you don’t. Credit card withdrawals will take no more than 4 days, no matter where you reside.

In conclusion

And that’s all there is to the payment methods that players can use at Genting bet. This means that you’re now in possession of all the information you need in order to start placing bets at Genting bet.