Netbet UK Review

Netbet provides a platform that supports several betting products, and they aren't limited to just sports betting. And they aren't shy to provide some great bonuses for loyal as well as new customers, as shown with this complete Netbet review.

Sports and Markets Available

This Netbet review will give you all the tips and advice necessary to make the most of the platform. And to get things started, we should point out that Netbet has an entire sportsbook range that contains over 20 different sports. The most popular sports are as follows:

  • Football
  • Horse racing
  • Tennis
  • American football
  • Basketball

The reason that these are the most popular is down to sheer depth of coverage combined with the average market capacity. Take Premier League football as a prime example – important weekend games attract around 130 markets, and you can even build your own unique bet. Even with tennis Netbet has around 30 markets per game, and you can bet on tournament outrights well in advance. In fact, they are already offering odds for next years Grand Slam winners!

Away from the actual betting side of things, Netbet caters to so much more within the sportsbooks. They have a whole catalogue of statistics for the majority of sports offered, and here you can track aspects such as recent form, win / loss ratios and a whole lot more. You can also look at results of various games and tournaments throughout the year, and the fact that this is all in one place is quite appealing.

Many bettors have to go elsewhere to check out information such as statistics and results, so Netbet has done something really interesting by implementing this into their site. And of course sports bettors often base their wagers from this information, so the more information given the better! And this is precisely what Netbet provides.  

While this is all great, there are many other features that make this a great site. Looking at all of the Netbet games, Netbet bonus seekers have plenty to get stuck into!

Odds and Limits

Many sportsbooks enforce a minimum stake amount of around £1 for pre-match bets. But Netbet only has a stipulated 7p minimum right now, which is truly user-friendly. Some people just want to wager on sports games for fun, so the lower the minimum is the better it is for their overall enjoyment. And if someone wanted to bet on several sports games, they would be looking at maybe £5 or more with other providers. With Netbet they can place several bets for less than 50p if they desire!

So this is already a good start for Netbet's appeal to beginner bettors, but they have another factor that will appeal to all sports bettors – regardless of experience or bank balance. The odds provided for tennis, football, boxing and darts were the best and most competitive seen on the platform. And this is another key element behind the success of Netbet, since they have managed to offer the best odds for sports that UK punters closely follow.

Netbet also has reasonably high payouts for members that strike it big! Rather than have stipulated maximums per sport, they have set limits for weekly and even daily wins. This is perfectly normal for bookmakers to do this since they are protecting themselves from players who randomly have a huge win. Currently members can win up to £20,000 per day and £50,000 per week. And let's be honest, if you manage to win up to £50,000 in one week you won't be too concerned that other brands offer higher payout maximums.

Netbet also provides members with the opportunity to set their own limits, and these can be set for playing time limits and deposit limits. This is simply a way that the site is encouraging responsible gambling, and there is around a 48-72 hour ‘change period' if you want to raise your deposit limits. This is a great way to protect members from instantly raising their deposit minimum and making irrational bets. This shows that the platform takes responsible betting seriously, and helps to keep members in control.

It should be noted that Netbet affiliates also take great pride and care in ensuring that players gamble responsibly!

Available Promotions

As a brand new Netbet customer one of your main interests will be the Netbet new customer offer, which is £30 split between a £15 sports bonus and £15 worth of free spins. You need to actually bet £30 in the sportsbook to receive this bonus, but then this is matched by a value of 100% by Netbet. This is a reasonable reward for new customers to get started on the platform, but there are greater welcome bonuses out there. And while it is a positive that they have this promotion in place for new customers, we wondered how they appeal to current customers too.

Netbet actually has a few promotions in place for existing customers for their sportsbook, showing that it isn’t just the Netbet sign up offer that keeps customers interested. Some of the available promotions include a free £5 bet on European football, a £5 bonus on tennis games and free bonuses if your chosen golfer leads a course after one round. But it is important to know that these promotions are not constant, and Netbet constantly swaps these bonuses around to keep bettors on their toes.

Reload bonuses aren't just available for sportsbook players either. Netbet Casino gamers can enjoy some rather nice rewards too. For example, Netbet runs a tournament every 15 minutes for slot players where the grand prize is up to 1,900 free spins! This is truly excessive, and a great way to show appreciation for members continued loyalty to the platform.

Additional Features

Sportsbook Cash Outs

That's right – if you want to lock in profits before the conclusion of your bets, Netbet permits you to do this. This is all just part and parcel of the Netbet bonus code. And more and more sports bettors are looking for sites that cater for cash outs now, since it is common knowledge that this is a great way to get an edge in sports betting. Netbet doesn't allow for cash outs on every single Netbet sport, but they certainly do for their well-covered sports like football, tennis, basketball and American football.

Cash outs aren't just available for single bets either. You may cash out your accumulator bets, in-play bets and even your own bets that you have built. The cash out incentives aren't always very generous, but if an event is going in your favour and you aren't sure if it will stay this way, then cashing out is a great option to have.

Mobile App

Given that Netbet has developed such a great desktop interface, we were pleased to see that this care and attention has gone into the Netbet app too. And what’s more – the Netbet welcome offer can be redeemed from the mobile app too. You may download the Netbet app from the app store for iOS devices, and from the Google Play store for Android. And while you can't access all of the features from the mobile app, you can access enough that it is an enjoyable experience.

Sports betting is, of course, permitted on the app, as is casino, virtual sports betting and Netbet poker. There's also built in wager amounts to allow you to place bets quickly for sports, and allow you to initiate auto-play for slot gaming. This is a handy feature since nobody really wants to keep hitting ‘spin' while holding his or her mobile device. You can just set it to auto-spin and watch the game unfold. These are just a few of the many positives of the Netbet mobile platform.

Live Casino Play

With a live casino you would expect the dealers to be real and authentic, which is exactly Netbet's philosophy too. There is no need for an exclusive Netbet Casino login either! Dealers are absolutely real, and they will communicate with you in English. And to avoid boredom, dealers regularly rotate meaning that you don't get stuck with the same card dealer for your entire session. This keeps things fun and interesting.

In the live casino section you can play card games, roulette, blackjack and other special games. These specials include Deal or no Deal, Monopoly Evolution, Dream Catcher and Football Studio Evolution. So with all of this available in the live casino, you certainly won't succumb to boredom and never come back. Netbet has done a truly solid job in making the live casino varied as well as refreshing, and the casino bonuses can be used in the Netbet Vegas section too.

Conclusion – A Great Platform That Deserves Recognition

As we all know, sports betting can be a bit of a religion in the UK. There's stiff competition in the market, and many operators have already integrated casino betting into their total product range. . Netbet isn't the biggest brand in the market and their games aren't quite as extensive, but they are certainly a top-drawer online betting provider.

They are evidently a site that takes care of their members through regular rewards and exciting mix-ups. Members of betting sites can often feel like it is a one-way street in terms of the bookies always having the final say and having an advantage. But with features like building your own bet, as well as accessing statistics and results somewhat changes the feel of Netbet.

The Netbet deposit bonus code allows you to gain an edge that you may not receive with other providers.