Oddsmonkey promo code: Get a 30-day moneyback guarantee

OddsMonkey is a platform that allows punters to perform matched betting and make a passive income. This, however, is not the only reason to consider OddsMonkey, as an attractive range of offers can be claimed using an OddsMonkey promotion code.

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30- day Moneyback guarantee
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What are the bonuses available using OddsMonkey Promotion Code?

  • 12-day access to premium content for just £1
  • 50% discount from the first month subscription fee
  • 7-day premium access for £1

What is a promotion code?

The promotion code is an option to understand the OddsMonkey platform in a much better way. Apart from having to pay the usual prices for matched betting services, users will also be able to avail the OddsMonkey features and tools for a much less figure. The promotion code is just an alphanumeric string that has to be entered at different stages in order to claim different advantages. There are multiple OddsMonkey promotion code for users with different requirements.

oddsmonkey promo code

How can you get the bonus available on the platform?

OddsMonkey is a matched betting service that functions in a unique kind of way, as it has the potential to generate passive income for the punter. The matched betting concept involves back and lay on the same event to profit from the bookmaker margins. OddsMonkey on its own is not a bookmaker and it is just a service that lets users to avail sign up offers from some of the best bookmakers in the market. Once the signup offers have been picked up, users will be able to make use of the matched betting technique to come out with a profit.

Unlike in the case of bookmakers where a decent sum of money is required to claim the bonus offers, OddsMonkey makes it possible to start with a small sum of money along with a credit card. The offers from different bookies are pulled together to make a profit. The risk of betting is taken out of the window using the matched betting technique, as users will be place bets on all outcomes.

Even OddsMonkey has a trial membership that will allow users to experience the platform, there will be a sizable advantage when going with a OddsMonkey promotion code, which allows users to access most of the functions for a nominal fee. For example, a 12-day access to premium content can be acquired for just £1. This premium content can be used to make the most of tools, calculators, training videos, and guides on the platform. A free member gets access to a decent selection of these options, but a premium member gets maximum potential. The OddsMonkey promotion coupon where users can also claim a 50% reduction on the premium fee is also quite a nice touch, as users will be paying just £8.99 instead of the £17.99.

How to place first bet on the OddsMonkey site?

OddsMonkey is a platform that is used for matched betting purposes. This makes use of the free bets and offers provided by bookmakers. This key ingredient is utilised in such a way that the punter is against every possible outcome. The technique of matched betting is about placing a back bet followed by a lay bet. The back bet is usually taken along with the signup offers provided by a bookmaker and these can be very good indeed. The lay bet will be going against any selection made in the back bet. This can be placed with a betting exchange where the user will be acting as the bookmaker rather than as the punter. There will be a small commission involved in placing this lay bet with the exchange.

The process of placing a matched bet involves:

  • Open the OddsMonkey platform
  • Find out the list of betting offers and welcome offers that are available from bookmakers
  • The list is updated frequently to reflect the latest and best deals
  • Pick an outcome to back and lay
  • The initial loss can be lowered by choosing odds which are closely matched and relatively low
  • The perfect odds can be chosen using the OddsMatcher tool
  • Signed into the appropriate bookmaker and place the bet to qualify for the offer
  • Now, sign into the betting exchange and place the lay bet
  • The stake for the lay bet can be calculated using the ‘matched betting calculator’
  • The second matched bet has to be placed using the free bet received from the bookmaker for the back bet
  • The back and lay odds have to be close and high
  • These can be identified using the OddsMatcher

Even if the process sounds a little complicated than just placing an outright bet with one bookmaker, the odds of success go up drastically when following the matched betting process.

What are the options available for taking out funds?

The biggest scepticism that people have when it comes to matched betting is the ability to take out funds from a platform. Since the bets are directly placed with the bookmaker, the situation is quite different when it comes to OddsMonkey. The platform brings together different bookmakers and their offers so that users will be able to profit from the free bet irrespective of the match outcome. The free bet is placed with the respective bookmaker at the own terms and conditions.

The user has to make sure that they have understood the terms completely before placing the free bet. Since these terms differ from one bookmaker to another, there should be a lot of clarity on the same. Some bookmakers demand that punters may be a wagering requirement from the winnings of a free bet before it can be withdrawn. Many bookmakers do not prevent users from being able to withdraw a free bet up to a certain point. One can expect that most bookmakers will allow 80% of the money to be taken out from the bet up to a certain degree.

What are the common FAQs users might have on OddsMonkey?

Are there any risks with matched betting?

The risk from an outcome is taken out of the window by covering all outcomes with back and lay on a single event. As a result, there is no risk when it comes to matched betting as long as users take care in making sure that the odds are correct.

Is it legal to use matched betting in the UK?

Matched betting happens to be completely legal. Many bookmakers have come out with a statement that users are free to utilise the free bet as they are like.

Is it possible to cancel a matched bet?

One cannot cancel a matched bet as it is like any other bet. Even if it is placed by a mistake, users only have to resort to other options like Cash Out or laying once more at a betting exchange in order to offset the bet.

Does OddsMonkey offer customer support?

OddsMonkey has a customer support that is available for users regarding any query that they may have on the platform or bet. The community at OddsMonkey is also rich with matched bettors of varying experience levels. The free members can use support to a limited extent, while premium members have complete access.

What is the difference between manual and automatic matched betting?

OddsMonkey is a platform that provides automated matched betting by providing options to compare the different markets, prices, and other factors. The punter can also do this manually but it can be quite taxing and inefficient.

What are the various promotions and bonuses provided by OddsMonkey?

OddsMonkey is not very confusing in terms of its pricing. There are just three different plans available for customers, who can go with a free, monthly, or annual plan. As expected, the free plan comes without any need to pay for the services that users can still come out with a £56 profit. A monthly plan is available for £19.99. The package will allow users to claim signup offers from more than 50 bookmakers and these signup offers alone are worth more than £1000 in profits if utilised properly.

Apart from the signup offers, the premium package will give access to weekly reload offers from more than 60 destinations. The matched betting experts will be providing support throughout the day. The active community can also help users get the best out of the platform. For those who do not want to subscribe monthly and save on costs, the annual plan is a better option since it costs £180 and it represents a £59 saving over the monthly costs.

The key packages, bonuses, promotions made accessible by OddsMonkey promotion code is largely in the form of savings on these prices. For example, a promotion code can be used to access the premium platform for 12 days and it will cost just £1. This can be a great tool for people who want to try out OddsMonkey without risking a sizeable amount of capital. For those who are already convinced about the site, there is an OddsMonkey promotion code that can shave off 50% from the monthly price – only in the first month. This can result in a saving of almost £9.

A OddsMonkey promotion code can also be used for claiming a 7-day to the platform for just £1. This can be quite useful for people who want to experience tools and calculators, which are available in plenty.

What do you need to do if promotion code from OddsMonkey is not working?

The OddsMonkey promotion code can be extremely useful in gaining some advantages on this platform without having to risk a lot of money. Since the OddsMonkey can be extremely useful in the scenario of matched betting that can turn out to be quite a nice way of generating passive income, there is a decent amount of interest in the promotion code. There may be concerns from users about the promotion code is not working as expected. In such scenarios, they can easily get in touch with the support team, who will be ready to do the needful and solve the issue. Before getting in touch with the team, one should double check if the code entered is correct, as it can be quite easy to get it wrong without a lot of care.

Are there any viable alternatives for OddsMonkey?

The world of matched betting is slowly becoming popular amongst punters, who do not want to risk on match outcomes. A growing number of platforms are providing a viable alternative to OddsMonkey in terms of the package, promotions, and bonuses. Some of the top three options are:

Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator is a platform that competes on the same level as OddsMonkey. It manages to deliver packages that are on par with OddsMonkey in terms of pricing and tools. Unsurprisingly, Profit Accumulator is not too different when it comes to compounds that allow people access for a small period of time. For starters, there is a free trial that can provide users with the chance to get a £40 return. The premium options can be purchased with a trial that runs for a week or 10 days.

Profit Maximiser

Despite not being an original service in the market, Profit Maximiser has been able to get a load of limelight as a result of the service being top notch. The trial plan in the pack comes at a cost of just £1 and this can be a great insight into the platform. Once a user picks up the paid package, they will receive access to a wide variety of products like comparison tools, odds match, and more.

Profit Squad

The Profit Squad service comes with a monthly cost of £15. It manages to bring in a lot of calculators that can be used effectively in the world of backing and laying. Since all the bets are automatically tracked, it becomes a lot easier to monitor the positions. Despite the monthly cost, Profit Squad can be experienced for just £1 for 14 days.